Digital Artist

Son of Otter and Sister. 
Owned by Dave Olesen.

Ersahl & Reggie 
Brothers and best friends.

Leader of my 1980 Gunflint Mailrun winning team. Loved mass starts.

Lefty (1968-78) 
My first leader. He was a Siberian Husky and a perfect command leader. Bred and raised by my good friend and mentor, Mabell Hill. 

Bart in the BWCA

My main leader. Very affectionate and confident, he loves open country and challenges. He's right at home in the Boundary Waters. We are quite proud of each other.

Paka (1970-82) 
My first Husky, a Siberian. She lived with me in St. Paul, MN and San Francisco, CA. 

Mohawk's best friend and cohort.

Otter's daughter, Mohawk's mother. An excellent leader herself.

Odin & Torrey 
1991 Beargrease. At the final checkpoint and ready to lead us to the finish line as she did many times. Ran 11 500-mile races - never failed to finish.

Torrey's great-niece. She has inherited Torrey's tenacious spirit.

Otter (1978-95) 
My main leader for over 20,000 miles. Ran 8 500-mile Beargrease races and 3 500-mile Montana Governor's Cups. Won the Marmora Cup in 1985 in record time. Son of Rueben and Beck, grandfather of Mohawk. Otter taught me most of what I know about dog mushing and will always be missed around here.
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