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BWCAW Adventures & Expeditions

Mush your own team of dogs into and around the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness of northeastern Minnesota. Camp in a remote corner somewhere. Listen for the howl of the wolf; follow the tracks of the moose.

We will travel as fast and as far as we can, 10 miles or 40 miles, but we will not hurry. We will take time to "listen" and to "hear". Secondly, our groups are small and customized. If you come to us as one person or two or as a family of seven, that will be your group size. We combine groups only if they wish to be combined. The small group size allows us to give very immediate instruction and to be very responsive to your desires.

We offer three options for evening accommodations; tent camps, a rustic cabin, or modern cabins. You may wish to choose a combination of these lodging options within your adventure. We provide complete outfitting - all you need to bring is your personal gear. (See our clothing list)

Oven Camping is our favorite way to spend the night. Camping allows us the flexibility to end the day wherever and whenever the day should end and is the most intimate way to immerse yourself into the world of sled dogs. Also, if the conditions are good for breaking trail, we can explore new routes and have an even more remote experience. More than once we have followed a wolf track or a moose track over a portage or down the length of a lake. Our methods and equipment for camping have been selected to provide a secure and relaxing experience. We can carry the gear we need on our sleds. We want you to be able to focus your energy on your dogs. Our sleeping system includes Arctic Oven tents from Alaska, North Face sleeping bags (rated to -30F), fleece sleeping bag liners, and wood stoves (for taking the chill off, drying things out, or emergency). We serve the finest wilderness cuisine - walleye, grilled steak, 3-bean chili, stir-fry, pasta dishes, and wild rice with cranberries. Our northwoods breakfasts feature stuffed French toast, vegetable omelets, granola, bagels, and lots of hot fresh coffee and tea. Trail lunches are a smorgasbord of crackers, cheeses, sausages, peanut butter and jelly, soups, dried fruit, trail mix and homemade chocolate chip cookies and brownies - something for everyone.

If you prefer to stay overnight in a cabin, one of our favorites is nestled into the quiet solitude of a maple forest. In a remote location, accessible only by trail, it is truly a haven for those seeking the silence of winter and a big night sky. Lit by propane lamps and easily warmed by its wood stove, the cabin is rustic and well built. Here, too, we serve the finest cuisine and you'll feast on the same delights as the campers. 

For those who prefer the comfort of a modern cabin, we offer the home-style hospitality of Trout Lake Resort. Trout Lake is located on the edge of the Superior National Forest, a day's journey by dog team from our kennel, but only a few miles by truck or car. Soak up the warmth of a wood-fired sauna, showers and private bedrooms.  We will transport the dogs back to the kennel and start again from there each day. 

Yurt Boundary Country Trekking is our premier partner of 18 years on the Gunflint Trail. Owners Ted & Barbara Young, are our long-time friends and national leaders in conceptualizing and presenting yurt-to-yurt & lodge-to-lodge skiing.   They are the originators of the concept "Mush Your Own" dog sledding.  Add a day of mushing to your adventure with BCT.


We offer Adventure trips beginning every day of every week, based upon availability of dogs and guides. You may choose camping, the remote cabin, Trout Lake Resort, or a combination.  We will run on our expansive network of trails, crossing lakes, rivers, and ponds as we go.
  • 2 days mushing/1 night -  1 person-$1000 / 2 people-$800 ea. / 3 people or more-$750 ea.
  • 3 days mushing/2 nights - 1 person-$1500 / 2 people-$1200 ea. / 3 people or more-$1125 ea.
  • 4 days mushing/3 nights - 1 person-$2000 / 2 people-$1600 ea. / 3 people or more-$1500 ea.
  • 5 days mushing/4 nights - 1 person-$2500 / 2 people-$2000 ea. / 3 people or more-$1875 ea.
"People gain perspective on what living is all about. It's the lure of the wild. It motivates us, makes us work hard." 
Arleigh Jorgenson


Expeditions take us off our groomed and maintained trail system into the frozen wilds of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.  We may find the lakes hard and fast, and the portages open and easy....or not!  These trips require an adventurous spirit and a desire to work hard.  We may find our portages blocked by recent blow-downs, or we may find the lakes covered with slush, water pushed up onto the top of the ice by the weight of deep snow, and subsequently insulated by it.  But, we will have our dogs, our Arctic Oven tents, firewood all around, and plenty of water.  We will have to work for it, but we will feel secure.

Your choice of two in-depth mushing expeditions across the frozen wilderness of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness...Expeditions include pre-and post-trip lodging. 


Mush the historic "Voyageur Highway" across the BWCAW and along the Canadian border, a  route once used by early Native Americans and the French explorers, trappers and traders who followed. If we are near, we'll take a side-trip to see ancient pictographs as we travel through country most frequented by moose and timber wolves. 
  •   6 days mushing/7nights - 1 person-$3500 / 2 ppl.-3000 ea. / 3 or more ppl.-$2700 ea.
"Only the whooshing wind, panting dogs and zing of sled runners break the remote silence. This environment seems little changed since fur-trapping times." 
D.L., Chicago Tribune


Designed for the wilderness enthusiast, we'll head one day deeper into regions of the BWCAW back country without predetermined routes or stopping points. Our self-contained journey will move in rhythm with nature, driven by group desires and the determination of our sled dogs. Chances for wildlife observations are superb and if the conditions are right, the evening sky will dance with the Northern Lights. Expedition tents, wood stoves and sleeping bags rated to -30F will keep us dry and warm at night. 

  • 7 days mushing/8 nights - 1 person-$4000 / 2 ppl.-3500 ea. / 3 ppl. or more- $3200 ea. 
"Upon my return, I tell my wife that if it wasn't for her and our daughter, I'd grow a beard and become a dog musher tomorrow." 
J.C., Men's Health
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